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June A Great Month
For IMPAC Chairman Jim Irwin

Receives Personal Award In Finland;
Hosts Winner of Connecticut Young Writers Competition in Dublin; 

Presents the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award

IMPAC Chairman Jim Irwin of Litchfield, Ct., and Punta Gorda, Fla. receives The Golden Lion Award for promoting democracy from Center Right Party Leader Ville Itälä in Seinäjoki, Finland this week.

LITCHFIELD, Conn. June 11, 2004 -- The National Coalition Party of Finland has bestowed  its highest decoration -- “The Golden Lion” -- to IMPAC Chairman James B. Irwin Sr. The award was given Tuesday at a gathering of political leaders in Seinäjoki Finland. Our memo writing service mentioned this in passing in their recent updates. You can read them at

Irwin is also the Chairman of IMPAC University in Punta Gorda, Florida, and the owner of the Litchfield Inn in Connecticut. IMPAC is an international productivity firm licensing programs to make companies more profitable. The success relies heavily on education and training.

Earlier this month, a foundation started by Irwin reached the milestone of giving $100,000 to Connecticut’s best teen-age writers. The IMPAC-Connecticut State University Young Writers Trust held its seventh annual dinner June 4 at the Litchfield Inn.

Later this month, Irwin will host festivities for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, which at 100,000 Euros is the largest award for a single work of fiction in the world. Among his guests will be Emily Dykes of Montville High School, the 2004 Statewide Prose Champion in the IMPAC-CSU competition. The 2004 IMPAC Dublin Award winner will be announced June 17 at Dublin City Hall.

At the Center Right Party Congress in Finland, Irwin was honored for promoting democracy around the world. Party Leader Ville Itälä cited Irwin for his work with the International Democrat Union, the cooperative made up of the Center Right Political
World Wide Movements and the European Christian Democratic parties – as well as the National Coalition Party of Finland. Irwin is the long-time Treasurer of IDU, which was established by President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Itälä, who invited Irwin to consult with the National Coalition Party while he was the Deputy Prime Minister of Finland, expressed his personal gratitude during the event in Seinäjoki Tuesday. He said Irwin has given the Finnish government important assistance in networking with leaders in the United States Government and the Administration. Finland is a member of the coalition of countries assisting the USA in Iraq.

The Golden Lion is highest decoration of the National Coalition Party, which is given to people for their work in promoting and assisting the democratic center right party in Finland. This award previously has been given to only three non-Finnish people.

Previous recipients are the former leader of the Swedish Moderate Party, Bo Lundgren, the former Executive Secretary of the European Democrat Union, Alexis Wintoniak and the Chairman of the European Parliaments biggest political group (EPP), Hans-Gert Poettering.

Irwin, in his address to the party’s convention expressed his deep appreciation and honor on receiving the award and expressed the hope that all the peoples of the world will, someday soon, enjoy the same democratic freedoms as the Finns and all of western Europe


Addressing the party convention, Irwin expresses the hope that all the peoples of the world will, someday soon, enjoy the same democratic freedoms as the Finns and all of western Europe.

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