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Student Creative Writing Conference

Saturday May 6, 2006
8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  followed by a dinner and evening student poetry reading
Western Connecticut State University

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Information about the conference:
Graduate and Undergraduate creative writing students from the Connecticut State University schools (Central, Southern, Eastern and Western), along with outstanding writing students from Connecticut high schools will join a prominent fiction writer ( yet to be named),  and
faculty members from CSU and other Connecticut Universities for a day-long student writing conference at Western Connecticut State University.
Students from the four campuses and area high schools are urged to apply for a seat at this unique gathering of professional and student writers. The day will include small group workshops focusing on student works; panels by published writers on writing topics, readings, and the sessions with our guest fiction writer. Participants will be treated to lunch and dinner by the sponsoring organizations and will have an opportunity to present their own work to an audience at an evening session devoted to student readings. 

If you are a student who would like to participate in this conference, you need to:

1) Complete this form and make a submission of poetry, prose (fiction, nonfiction, memoir, feature and lifestyle journalism) screenwriting or playwriting. You are encouraged  to submit in more than one genre. The final submission date is March 15, no fooling. You must have your work in by that date.

2) A paper copy of the work you are submitting should be given to your campus representative:
        CCSU - Prof. Ravi Shankar, English Dept., [email protected]
        SCSU - Prof. Vivian Shipley, English Dept., [email protected]
        WCSU - Prof. John Briggs, English Dept., [email protected]
        ECSU - Prof. Christopher Torockio, English Dept. or
                      Prof. Meredith Clermont-Ferrand, [email protected], [email protected]
        High Schools - Andy Thibault, Project IMPAC,  [email protected]

3) In addition, you must send an electronic version of your work to

The electronic submission should be an attached file in Microsoft word or PDF format. BE SURE THAT YOUR LAST NAME AND THE GENRE OF EACH SUBMISSION IS IN THE FILE NAME AND THAT YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION IS AT THE TOP OF THE ELECTRONIC  TEXT. The electronic versions of student work accepted for the conference will appear on
the web, logged into your workshop  (each workshop will have about five participants) so that you will be able to read the work before the day of the conference.

Indicate here which genres are included in your submission:

___ Poetry
___ Prose
        Type of Prose (memoir,  journalism, fiction, etc.) _____________________
___ Playwriting/screenwriting

Are you interested in participating in the evening student reading?


____ No

If you have any questions, please ask your campus representative.

P.O. Box 1415
Litchfield, CT  06759
* Fax: 860-567-9119 * Cell 860-690-0211
[email protected]

IMPAC-CSU Young Writers Trust

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